Campbell and Co Cafe Catering Cheese - Brooklyn NYC

Campbell & Co is a sister-run café, grocery,
and catering company founded in Brooklyn in 2013.

Campbell and Co Cafe - Brooklyn NYC
Cheese Shop and Grocery
Brooklyn Catering - Campbell and Co

The Campbell & Co. catering program uses the best seasonal, local ingredients to create delicious farm-to-table offerings that are elegant, yet approachable.

We cater everything from casual drop off catering to full-service staffed events and cocktail bars throughout NYC and Brooklyn.

Our cafés in Williamsburg and Greenpoint, Brooklyn, feature espresso bars, all-day menus, and a variety of groceries, from cheese and charcuterie to local produce and ciders.

We focus on local, well-made goods sourced from our community of small-batch NYC producers and Upstate farmers.

Alana and Erin Campbell - Brooklyn Caterers

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